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Start your car with confidence.

Hum takes the guesswork out of driving with connected car technology so you can stay
in touch with emergency services and your loved ones on the road.

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with Wi-Fi Hotspot

How Hum works.

Hum is simple – just plug it in to add connected car features to your drive. Even better, you can easily access Hum features on the go using the Hum App.


1.Download the Hum App
and create your account.

2.Clip the Hum speaker
to your visor.

3.Plug the OBD reader into
your car’s OBD-II port.

(Located under the steering wheel
of most vehicles made after 1996.)

Where smarts and safety meet.

When it comes to your car, you can never know too much.
Hum equips you with the tools and know-how to help you drive your best.


Connect with a trained agent
through your speaker to help
get you back on the road.

Pinpoint Roadside

24/7 support with nationwide
coverage and GPS-guided help
to your vehicle location.

Stolen Vehicle

If your car is stolen, Hum can
send your car’s location to
local law enforcement.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Address minor car problems
before they become major ones.

Maintenance Reminders

Schedule reminders and Hum
will text or email them when it’s
time for a tune-up.

Mechanics Hotline

Talk to an independent, certified
professional for unbiased advice.

Vehicle Location

See your car's current location
and where it's been.

Boundary Alerts

You set the boundaries.
Receive alerts when your
car crosses them.

Speed Alerts

Set a maximum speed
and receive an alert if
your car exceeds it.

Hum Monthly Summary

Monthly email provides your driving
history and offers tips on how to get
the most from your Hum service.

Driving History

View individual trip or combined
travel data for the day, week,
month or year.

Local & Travel

Get local discounts and deals
on air travel, hotels, rental
cars and more.

Safety Score

Receive a rating and helpful
driving tips based on your driving.


Know where you are
and where you're going.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Hum× only. Wi-Fi turns on automatically with your car and stays connected for 5 minutes after your car turns off. Connection will be 4G LTE and available in areas with 3G only (just at slower speed).

Connect up to 10 devices on
Verizon's 4G LTE network.

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